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You are not alone.

We have volunteers who are available to talk on the phone with you about your loss, confusion, frustration, anger, grief, or anything else you would like to talk about. Please leave a message if you don’t reach them at home and they will return your call as soon as possible. Email is also listed for some if you prefer to communicate that way.

You may contact any of the people on the list below, however, we have listed the names by the loss they have experienced if you want to talk with someone having a loss similar to yours.

When you need to talk to someone who has experienced a loss of:



Anne W.
(619) 992‐9023

Allison L
(760) 670-7158


Child: Daughter

Cheryl V.
(760) 942‐7869

Anne W.
(619) 992‐9023


Child: Son

Cheryl W.
(619) 277‐0913

Christa S.
(858) 755‐3400



*Paul G. (mother)


Sibling: Brother

Pam E.
(760) 415‐5604
Kathy G.
(619) 820-8890


Sibling: Sister

Cindy P.
(619) 850-6225



*Jeannie F.
(619) 417‐2788

* Paul G. & Jeannie F. are bilingual (English & Spanish)

Articles & Books

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 The Crippling Loneliness of Grief 
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What do I tell the others? 

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Understanding Grief – Loss of A Child 
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If Only 

“I should have _________.” 
“If only I _____________.” 
“Why didn’t I ____________?” 
Different people may fill in the blanks with different words, but the sentiments are...Continue Reading. 




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